Lietjesmarket sells handmade ear nets, fly hats, unicorn horns, unicorn ear nets, stapp horse socks, plastrons, saddle pads and more horse gear. These are sold worldwide and can be ordered directly from me or in the store. All earrings and unicorns are handmade at the letjesmarket and there are other products for sale for your horse.
My specialty is the unicorn fly hat and unicorn horn.

I can make almost any size and color. Look for an ear net that fits perfectly with your set or with your outfit. I can make a set with ear net entirely to your liking. Does your horse or pony have a different size ear net, that’s no problem. I can adjust it to your horse. Does your horse have small ears or the right size? Send me a message and I’ll explain how you can pass the measurements for a fly hat that fits perfectly. Soundless, tall model, short model or anything else is nothing to me crazy.

Why an earring from Lietjemarket? My fly caps have a perfect fit that is very comfortable for your horse. Your bridle falls nicely over it and therefore it stays in place while driving. I use materials of good quality and every product is handmade by me with a lot of attention and love.

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